The founder and in the beginning single board member of this organisation derives unique and valuable ideas from both experiential science and modern music, combining what he, and many with him, experience as basic needs in an existential way.

The term experiential science was used before by the author and psychiatrist of theearly days Frederik van Eeden, who was well-known in the beginning of the 20th century. He stated that all science is experiential science: one single fact can have the powerto bring down an entire system.

This statement appealed to the founder in a unique way. Although having followed seven years of academic studies, often with good results, he wasn’t able to finish it with a diploma or a degree. This turned out to be an exception that proves the rule. In the past three decades he has learned to defend himself against a culture that attaches too much value on college degrees and the like, resulting in science that is more independent of such a piece of paper and accompanying privileges and network; this can result in more valuable science when combined with perseverance, perfect timing, and of course good luck.

Although this and other setbacks resulted in what can be regarded as a downward spiral in the middle of the nineties, it did not really hold him back for long.He started an enterprise and a band at the turn of the millennium. In 2003 he established his first foundation, an organisation that had a similar goalas TESAM and existed for ten years, until more important business inevitably led to the end of it.

In 2016 all this resulted in recognition of his work as a psychologist by the Dutch Institute of psychologists NIP, after three official complaints against healthcare psychologists were declared admissible. In 2021 shared calculations by the founder related to health were recognized in the Netherlands as important and possibly very important.

The experience gathered nad documented carefully, along with building up a large repertoire of songs for a Dutch singer and guitar player in global English, led to TESAM in 2022.

The name of the founder and single board member does not appear on this site. This is done to make a distinction between the artist and the activitites of the foundation. A separate business will be started for the artist and his own music in 2023.

The Carter Family