Becoming an associate of the TESAM foundation is very easy. You can donate a minimum of 5,- euros a year and automatically join the community. More is welcome, not necessary.

In return you will receive the TESAM newsletter at least four times a year. This informs you about TESAM plans, developments, events, concerts, releases, publications, and many more.

Transfer to STEM (the Dutch name for TESAM),

IBAN: NL31TRIO0320579824


We have a system for associates that uses stars. For the first 25,- euros you donate, you receive one star. For the first 100,- euros two stars. The first 250,- euros gets you three stars. The first 1.000,- euros is good for four stars. The first 2.500,- euros will get you five stars, an so on and so forth. Note for philantropists: the maximum amount this bank account can handle in one day is 250.000,-.

If you donate more than 100,- euros and you would like something in return, send us an e-mail and we'll consider it seriously.

Thanks in advance for your participation.

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