This is the internet site of TESAM, a foundation established in the Netherlands on November 21st, 2022. The goal of TESAM is enhancing the quality of life in the world by combining music with existentialism.

The foundation uses innovative methods but is rooted in the history of folk, blues, rock (n roll), and popular music. It connects with other music, using affinity with what can be regarded as modern music.

TESAM aims at enhancing the quality of life for mankind with valuable science that has been discovered. Spreading it around the world with accessible communication and the Netherlands as a basis is our method.

English songs can be regarded as theultimate form of communication. English lyrics are a main focus in music for TESAM, wherever possible in a non-intellectual form. Being Dutch can offer an inevitably deviant but nevertheless dignified perspective on the English language.

The guitar is considered the most suitable, portable, and affordable instrument for accompanying vocals. The freedom of speech that can be delivered with the lyrics this way, turns out to be very democratic. It can be music, art, and literature.

The singing guitarist is getting the most of our attention, if necessary without a band, group, or orchestra. This way its a very economic form that can last with minimal performances.

From these ideas, the TESAM Canon of Rock n Roll came into existence. Its a history of this development in music from the perspective of the founder. You can find it via the menu above.
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